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Reflection of mountains in ski goggles


Whether it’s Work or Play, Your Eyes Need Protection

A bruise will heal over time. Stitches will close a wound. A broken bone will mend. But often, damage to an eye is permanent. As two of the most vulnerable organs in our body, our eyes need protection. Whether it’s sheltering them from the sun’s UV rays, shielding them from a rogue baseball, or protecting them when working with chemicals, the right speciality eyewear will do your eyes a world of good.

We carry a range of protective eyewear for work and play. Visit us today and ask what kind of speciality eyewear we have for you.


Sports Eyewear Keeps Your Eye on the Ball


When it’s down to the last two minutes of the game and the score is tied, the last thing you’re thinking about is keeping your eyes safe. But accidents can happen, even when you’re having the time of your life.

Sports eyewear is designed to give your eyes sturdy, stable protection. It allows you to lose yourself in the game without having to worry about losing your vision.

You want to look like a fierce competitor when it’s time to play. We get that. That’s why our sports eyewear is designed to be stylish and functional. Because who says safety has to look silly?

Safety Eyewear made to Withstand Whatever Comes your way

Covering your eyes is not the same as protecting them. Your regular glasses or sunglasses are not designed to keep your eyes safe from sawdust, metal shavings, or chemical spills. But our safety eyewear is. Visit Dr. Anne Baczmanski Optometry office to discover the variety of safety eyewear options we have available.

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Reflection of mountains in ski goggles

Made From Certified Safety Materials

All of our safety eyewear is designed to resist force, chemical contact, velocity, and more. Each model is thoroughly tested by the manufacturer to ensure you’re getting the safest possible coverage. From shatter-proof lenses to crush proof frames, you’re prepared for any situation.

Prescription Safety Lenses

Wearing prescription glasses under safety eyewear isn’t always comfortable. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice eyesight for safety. We offer prescription safety lenses so you can see the job at hand clearly and protect your eyes while you’re doing it. In fact, research shows that prescription safety lenses are often even stronger than non-prescription safety lenses. Nothing should stand between you and working safely.

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