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Discover Our Wide Selection of Contact Lenses in Stratford 

Contact lenses move with your eye, providing a more natural field of view than glasses. Since contact lenses are worn on the eye, distortions are reduced, and there are no frames that may obstruct your vision. They do not fog up in the cold nor get wet in rainy weather, and contact lenses are a perfect choice for sports and other physical activities. They give you more natural vision than glasses.

Contact lenses are made to correct refractive errors, including astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. Newer contact lenses now come in different materials to maintain eye health and comfort. As they are applied to your eyes, you can go about your daily tasks or hobbies.

Several types of contact lenses come with different advantages and disadvantages. Daily wear lenses are worn during the day and cleaned at night, while daily disposable contact lenses are worn once and thrown away. 

Are you considering ordering contact lenses? Want more information on which types of contact lenses are best for your specific eye and visions needs? Contact your local optometrists at Dr. Anne Baczmanski Optometry today to schedule an appointment.


Everyone is different, just like every eye is different. Contact lenses can offer flexibility and freedom either in place of or in addition to traditional eyeglasses. Not sure if contact lenses are right for you? We offer comprehensive eye exams to assess your eligibility.


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