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If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, you probably already visit your optometrist for routine eye exams to update your prescription or refill your lenses. But eye exams are also essential for preserving your vision well into your golden years. 

Eye exams are vital tools in the preventive healthcare toolkit. Not only are they used to test your visual acuity and make sure you’re seeing as clearly as you can, but they can also uncover early signs of eye diseases and other health conditions. 

We are fully trained to provide complete eye care services that can protect your eyes and maintain your quality of life for many years. Please call us today to schedule your eye exam and start on the road to strong, healthy eyes.


Dr. Anne Baczmanski, Optometrist

Dr. Anne Baczmanski studied at the University of Waterloo where she received her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in 1993 and her Doctor of Optometry in 1997. During her studies at U of W, she was a teaching assistant in the department of Biology. Dr. Baczmanski was also involved in research at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto in the department of Medical Biophysics. Although Dr. Baczmanski continued to do research at the School of Optometry, and has a few papers published in scientific journals, she really enjoyed working with people directly and chose the clinical path. During her studies in Optometry, she completed an externship in ocular disease and therapeutics at the Vitreo-Retinal Foundation, an eye hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  She holds a certification for prescribing Ocular Therapeutic Agents.  Dr. Baczmanski has been practicing in Stratford and Mitchell for 13 years before opening a practice of her own in 2011. She has been a laser consultant for many years and is involved in the pre and post-opertative care.  She is part of the College of Optometrists of Ontario, the profession’s regulatory body, serving as an assessor for the Quality Assurance Program.  She has also been involved for many years with the Canadian Examiners in Optometry (CEO), where she is an assessor of the clinical skills of the optometrists applying for licensure to practice. (After obtaining a degree from the Optometry program, an optometrist has to be licenced to practice).  She is also part of the CEO committee that is involved in the process for establishing testing and maintaining the standards for the examination of these optometrists. Dr. Baczmanski enjoys working with all groups of the population , from babies to the elderly.  Providing a high quality of care to her patients is very important to Dr. Anne. Dr. Baczmanski has a vision, and it all begins with you receiving the top quality eye care you deserve. Each and every client who visits us is treated with care and attention. We take time to listen to all concerns and ensure that you are satisfied with the service you receive.

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