Children’s Vision

In children it is important to early detect vision problems that could become permanent. Children in high risk groups such as those with a parent who has a turned eye, lazy eye or strong prescription, warrant particular attention with respect to early examinations.

Current research suggests that approximately 1 in 6 children has a vision problem significant enough to interfere with school performance. Children born with poor vision do not know what "normal vision" is like. They often think that everybody sees the same way they do. Therefore, do not wait for your child to tell you they have a vision problem. Over 80% of learning involves vision.

The earlier you have your child’s eyes checked, the sooner you may discover a vision problem that might be interfering with their development. We encourage you to talk to your child about some of the following before their eye exam to increase their comfort and yours too.

Eye exams are an important part of maintaining our overall health. Even a child who cannot read, distinguish pictures or symbols can have an eye exam with the Optometrist. It is recommended that a child’s first eye exam be done before the age of 3. 

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UV Protection A Must for Children.

The average child receives three times the annual UV exposure of an adult. There is 7.5 times more UVR getting through the lens inside of a child’s eye to their retina than in an adult’s. At age 10, 75% of UVR is transmitted through a child’s lens as compared to 10% at age 30. Damage from UVR is cumulative. As your eye care professional, we consider UV protective sunglasses to be an integral part of your eye care needs. We carry a broad range of brand name sunglasses for you to choose from or you can choose to select any frame from our wide range of spectacle frames to make your own sunglass statement.